My Family has been breedingTom & raising Gypsy Horses for a common and consistent goal of breeding the best Gypsy Horse Possible.  Our farm, known as Swynymore Stables, is located in Wales, in an area known as Valle of Glamorgan.  We have been honored and humbled with such accolades as being recognized as the Premier Breeder of our beloved horses, and having raised the first selectively bred horse by Gypsies to be recognized as a breed.  
We manage a large herd of Gypsy Horses of all ages and colour.  With a vast selection of champion mares, fillies, colts & stallions, I am confident that we could help establish or enhance even the most discriminating breeders and breeding programs.  Over the years we have supplied many customers in America, Canada, New Zealand, and most recently Latin America, with champion breeding stock.  

Additionally, we are the top suppliers to Europe of Gypsy Horses.  With many  geldings of all ages to choose from, and hundreds of competitively priced horses for the Continent, our Family continues to enjoy a close and beautiful relationship with our European friends.

We welcome you to look through our website and enjoy our wonderful world of the Gypsy Horse.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can assist you in any way, or if you would like more information on our horses.

All the best,
Tom Price

~  Updated 17 March 2010 ~
   Reminder:   The Second Annual Open House will be held 30 May 2010 through 2 June 2010!  We hope to see you there, email for more information and to reserve your place today or   info@WestHillRanches.comGypsy Horses Open House

New Horses Added to the Photo Gallery

 New Additions by Bob The Blagdon!

Gypsy Horse

 We are very excited to add these lovely mares to our herd!

                      - Tom Price

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